• Board Certified Pediatrician
  • St. Charles Newborn Nursery Pediatrician
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Western University of Health Sciences
  • University of Utah Pediatric Residency
  • OHSU School of Medicine
  • University of Colorado at Boulder

Logan Clausen, MD, FAAP

Yo hablo español

I love being a pediatrician and think it’s the best job in the world. I love establishing a relationship with kids early on and watching their amazing growth and development.

I love being there for questions and concerns, and celebrating the victories, large and small. I also love that every visit, just like every child, is unique, and it’s a wonderful challenge to make that visit the best possible experience for the patient.

Kids are incredible, and helping them develop into the fantastic, unique humans they are is an amazing experience.

When not at work, I’m usually outside with my husband and three kids. We love skiing, biking, camping, paddle boarding, and playing with our two dogs.

When inside, I often have my nose in a book, and love to hear about what you are reading when you come to the clinic.

I also love to hear about your fun crafts or DIY projects, as I am often neck deep in some sort of crazy project.

I completely trust her

Dr. Clausen is amazing! She spends the needed time, is incredibly helpful with ideas for my son, and I completely trust her as my son’s pediatrician.

The kids and I love her

Dr. Clausen is my favorite pediatrician. She knows both my kids really well from the time they were born and I feel 100% confident in her for my kids’ health. She is very tender, caring towards my kids. She makes me feel like I never have a dumb question. She always has a great attitude and smile on her face. The kids and I all love her.

Dr. Clausen is amazing!

Dr. Clausen is amazing. I completely trust her with my son’s health care needs!