Pediatric Healthcare Jobs in a Fun, Supportive Team Environment

Jobs in pediatric healthcare are available in all areas of our practice: RN Registered Nurses, CMA Certified Medical Assistants, IBCL Lactation Consultants, BHC Behavioral Health Clinicians, RN care coordinators, community health workers, medical patient receptionist and appointment scheduling, and language interpreters. Signing bonuses may apply. 

When you choose a pediatric healthcare career with COPA, you are joining a medical team that excels and one of the top rated primary care practices statewide. You’re choosing a work family with a steadfast mission to provide outstanding care for children in an inclusive and kid-friendly environment.

You’ve picked a place you can giggle while you work and “googly-talk” with the best of them.


Being on the COPA team means seeing the grandchildren of babies we delivered when Dr. Mary Brown founded the practice in Bend over 45 years ago. Those deep roots and family ties are integral to our patient relationships and our success. A career with COPA in a healthcare job means working with highly experienced pediatricians who are the most recommended and trusted in the region.

Oregon Health Authority awards COPA the 5-Star Medical Home designation as one of the few pediatric practices in the Pacific Northwest. We truly appreciate the entire team, from the front office to the medical caregivers, who are the key to this achievement.

Each person on the COPA team contributes with a passion for both the individual health of their patient and for population health throughout the region. We believe that our differences in backgrounds, identities, and lived experiences make us uniquely able to contribute to the world around us in meaningful ways that enrich our community. You are welcome here.

COPA’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Having a medical career at COPA means thriving in a private practice where you have tremendous opportunity to positively impact the life of a child. You are empowered to put kids first in a flexible, supportive environment of comprehensive resources.

All team members, from support teams to medical personnel, warmly greet our patients to guarantee their satisfaction. We’re a close-knit group that collaborates to ensure every child is well served. Our special culture comes from an authentic place where each member supports the others.

Qualified healthcare job candidates should have a history of positive interactions in team environments, and a friendly demeanor to people of all ages and backgrounds. They also enjoy a clinic that is fast paced, upbeat, and focused on the health of the child.

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Great employee benefits play a large role in creating a workplace that enriches the human spirit. We help our team focus on total wellness by providing employer funded medical and dental coverage, life insurance, employer contributions to retirement plans, and work-home-life tools through EAP.

Enjoying the active Central Oregon lifestyle is a main reason why so many call this area home. Generous time off and paid holiday benefits help us recharge and refuel. Many on our team have the option to work from home.

COPA supports frequent employee appreciation days, generous recognition, and seasonal celebrations that help us engage with one another to keep the momentum going!

When you join COPA, what matters to you matters to all of us – programs such as COPA Cares for Kids allows employees to support non-profits that make a difference.

Learn more about how to become a part of COPA’s friendly and welcoming medical work environment.


pediatric medical careers with quality of life

Central Oregon Pediatric Associates (COPA) has provided excellent, comprehensive and compassionate medical care to children in Central Oregon for over 45 years. COPA is a thriving, independent medical partnership whose healthcare quality measures exceed all medical care facilities in the region. Our level of care includes primary pediatric care, embedded pediatric behavioral health specialists, care coordination teams, 24/7 Telephone Nurse Advice, newborn patient advocates, and newborn lactation consulting support. COPA hosts over a dozen visiting pediatric specialists from children’s hospitals in Portland, Oregon who see patients in Bend at the COPA clinic. We are recognized for working closely with regional specialists to ensure patients have access to the best medical care available in a coordinated approach.