• Board Certified Pediatrician
  • St. Charles Newborn Nursery Pediatrician
  • University of Arizona Pediatric Residency
  • University of Florida Medical School
  • Rollins College, Florida

Dana Perryman, MD, FAAP

Yo hablo español

As a pediatrician, I feel it’s paramount to listen intently, be in the moment and compassionate. When I teach patients and parents, I do it in a way that offers common sense or practicality into my explanations or recommendations. I encourage my patients with unfailing support and work hard to connect with them where they are.

I love when the lightbulb goes off and the patient or parent makes a connection, whether it’s about feeding, behavior, digestion, or just about anything. Watching kids grow and develop, and seeing parents learn about themselves throughout the parenting journey is one of the best parts of my job. I love chatting and joking with patients and parents – bringing humor to awkward conversations like puberty. And I love having Latinx families and LGBTQ patients or families in my practice.

When not at COPA I enjoy hiking along a river, finding solitude beside the water or under a shade tree and smelling vanilla and spice of warm ponderosa bark. When my amazing dog is off leash and enjoying the water, she is pure joy.

I read historical fiction, non- fiction, young adult fiction and Powell’s Books is my all-time FAVORITE store. My favorite treat is a chocolate chip cookie with oatmeal and pecans and my daughter’s recipe is fabulous. I also enjoy a variety of foods from around the world including Mexican, Thai and Ethiopian.

Family is very important to me. My wife and I are blessed with a blended family of five becoming-adult children. Being a step-mom and mother of twins has brought great life lessons and informs my practice. Our kids are amazing and I could talk for hours with and about them. They have endured the range of my dry to dorky humor and help me stay up to date on trending vocabulary and memes. I also love to visit my parents who live about two hours away.

I still watch a lot of sports, maybe because I played softball and other sports growing up. I like to snowboard on the blue runs at Bachelor on a bluebird day (who doesn’t!) And, a rare treat for me is getting away to relax at the Oregon coast.

We love Dr. Perryman!

We love Dr. Perryman! She always listens to any concerns that we have and explains everything so we can understand. Not only does she show us respect, but treats our 2 year old with all of the concern she would her own child.

I Was Super Impressed

This was the first time I had met Dr. Perryman, and it was clearly in a time of stress for both us (same-day visit) and for the clinic overall (COVID-19) so I’m only assuming Dr. Perryman was under stress as well. Given all of that, I am immensely grateful for the care we received. She was down-to-earth while also being empathetic. I’m sure she was crazy-busy that day, but when I asked some probing questions she was incredibly patient listening to me and staying with us while she answered my questions. She was professional in answering difficult questions while also validating the challenges we all are facing. I was super, super impressed. Thank you so much for the excellent care given to my child.

Dr. Perryman is the Best

Seriously. . . I recommend COPA to everyone! Dr. Perryman is the best. Any staff member we have ever dealt with has been super helpful and understanding!