Billing Policies


COPA works with families to ensure that charges are accurate and insurance payments are posted as soon as possible. If you have any questions about your bill, please contact the COPA Accounting Dept. at the main COPA phone number.

INSURANCE (New or Change)

As a courtesy, COPA will submit claims to all insurance carriers if we have received proper verification of insurance coverage at the time of each visit. We are happy to send an invoice to your insurance carrier; however, the patient is ultimately responsible for all charges.

Within 60 days of the visit, a payment (by you or your insurance company) must be made on the patient’s account to remain in good standing with our office. Please remember that insurance companies often deny claims based on the coverage your policy provides or deductibles that have not been met. If you have any concerns regarding your coverage or insurance payment, please contact your insurance carrier.


We encourage all patients to keep their appointment whenever possible. With the overwhelming demand for pediatric services in our community, this allows us to help as many children as possible every day. COPA may charge a “no show” fee if your appointment is not canceled or rescheduled within a reasonable time frame. Continued “no shows” may result in your family being discharged from our practice.


Co-payments and deductibles are due at the time of service. You may receive a balance due statement from COPA after we have received payment from your insurance company or if you have no insurance.

It is our expectation that you will pay the balance due within 30 days. We accept cash, local checks, debit cards and credit cards; including VISA and MasterCard.

If payment in full is not possible, please contact our billing office so we can assist you.

Learn more about your rights that guard against “surprise medical bills” .

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