7.12.2019 – Central Oregon Pediatric Associates (COPA) is the primary medical home for most pediatric patients in the region’s five counties. As a result, they’re making significant investments in the practice to improve the health of children throughout the area, while reducing the costs of care.

According to recent benchmark measurements compiled by Oregon Health Authority, COPA patients are some of the healthiest in the region. Using this data, COPA leadership began discussions with St Charles Health System (SCHS) in fall 2017 regarding ways to improve the health of every child throughout Central Oregon.


As a result of this unique, coordinated effort between the hospital and pediatric group, COPA began leasing space in February 2018 within the St Charles Family Care Bend South Clinic and absorbing pediatric medical services in that location. The new COPA clinic in south Bend adds a fourth clinic to their other three locations: east Bend in the hospital district, west Bend in Northwest Crossing and in Redmond.

In addition, St. Charles is also working on a smooth transition for their pediatric patients in Redmond to join COPA.

“By working with St. Charles to create a new COPA clinic within the existing St. Charles facility and collaborating on the Redmond pediatric population, we’re bringing focused pediatric care to more children in our region with the express goal of improving the health of the entire population,” said Wade Miller, chief executive officer of COPA.


Like all medical organizations, COPA is faced with changing insurance payer models, more requirements for health outcome measurements, rising costs of technology and business overhead, and population health challenges. Most family care and pediatric physicians are joining with large corporations as the only way to survive these shifts and continue practicing medicine.

In 2018 COPA is taking a different and bold approach as a privately held, doctor-owned partnership by offering focused pediatric services for both physical and behavioral needs that can scale up and manage even more children.

In recent years, COPA added Coordinated Care Specialists to support newborns, children with special needs, developmental delays, chronic health conditions or behavioral health challenges. Beginning in 2018, Dr. Brian Rogers, a Developmental Pediatric Specialist, will begin practicing at COPA clinics as a resource for the entire community, extending beyond COPA patients. In addition, COPA hosts visiting specialists from children’s hospitals in Portland that see patients in the COPA clinic, allowing families to access top medical care right here at home.

This commitment to families with children who have special medical and developmental needs will result in better care for the children and more support for parents, increasing compliance and adherence to medical recommendations.

In addition, COPA has added a board-certified lactation consultant for mothers with newborns, also seeing patients weekly. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding as the best nutrition for babies and providing lactation support for moms helps ensure the child is off to a great start.

“COPA’s Pediatric Center of Excellence provides parents with fully integrated and coordinated care for a child’s entire physical and behavioral needs”, says Miller. “Patients have access to an experienced team of child-centered providers and administrative personnel who truly believe we can help create the healthiest community in the nation.”