1.30.23 With COVID-19, it’s important to get the Flu vaccine.

COPA is extending its flu shots for both children and their parents into February 2023. Both flu and COVID-19 viruses are still spreading at the same time, making it more important than ever that your child gets their Flu vaccine. The vaccine will help prevent them and their loved ones from getting a serious Flu illness or flu-related complications.

Children under 5 years old and especially under 2 years old are at greatest risk for developing Flu related complications like pneumonia, ear infection, sinus infection and death. Children with compromised immune systems and asthma are especially vulnerable.

Every year we see too many kids suffer from the very serious illness commonly called ‘The Flu’. When their kids are sick, parents take time away from work, children miss valuable school time, and there’s a serious risk of complications. Kids can also spread influenza to their loved ones, which puts them at risk of serious illness or complications, especially if they have underlying health conditions.


The injectable Flu vaccine contains an inactivated Flu virus that cannot give you the Flu and there is no mercury in the vaccine formula. Most people with egg allergies can still get the shot, but you need to talk with your pediatrician if your child has a history of allergies. Some children may not be eligible based on their previous health history with other conditions, so please talk to your primary care pediatrician about any concerns.

No longer available: COPA also offers the nasal spray FluMist Quadrivalent which is a live attenuated virus that offers protection from the Flu and strengthens the immune system against other respiratory illnesses.

Patients will be offered the vaccine type based on availability in the clinic the day of the appointment. Please reference your preference when making the appointment.

  • Patients must be 2 years or older to receive FluMist. (No longer avavilable)
  • Patients must be 6 months or older to receive the injectable Flu vaccine.
  • Patients who have never had the Flu vaccine will need 2 doses of the vaccine scheduled 28 days apart.
  • Patients can receive the Flu and COVID vaccines on the same day.


At COPA, getting your Flu vaccine is a fast 10-minute visit, and some appointments are available without even having to enter the waiting room.

To schedule your appointment at one of our upcoming flu clinics, call 541-389-6313.

Click here for more information about the flu vaccines by the American Academy of Pediatrics. More information about the flu is also available online at the CDC.